Scarf Styling 101 | Summer

Scarf hairstyles, AKA the current trend that is taking over this summer, is something that I’m totally on board with. It’s an easy way to spice up your look, as well as keep your hair out of your face during the hot summer months.

Not sure how to “wrap your head around” this chic craze that has made a comeback? Well, I’ve compiled a few of my go-to scarf styling options.

1. Generally I wear messy ponytails right on the top of my head. So a simple way for me to incorporate a scarf, is to simply line the middle of it up with the center of my head. I then wrap both ends to the back of my head and tie them in a knot so that both sides can hang over my shoulder.

2. Another updo I go for is a classic topknot. Similar to my first example, I wrap the scarf around my bun a few times to shorten the length and then I tie a knot right in the center.

3. If I’m in the mood to keep my hair down (curled or straight it looks cute both ways with a scarf), I pull half of my hair back and tie it. Then, I just top it off with a knotted scarf.

4. Last, is more retro inspired. I’m into creating looks that remind of previous eras. So, if you’re digging it, try tying it around your neck instead of on your head.

There are many different ways to style a scarf, so have fun with it! That’s a wrap.

-XO allie

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