Current Favorite Lip Products

Potentially an unpopular opinion, but I am definitely more of a lipgloss girl. Lipgloss/balm might even be my favorite makeup product to wear. Matte lipsticks tend to make my lips feel cakey and dry; especially in the summer. I have always loved a smooth, glossy finish because it feels more hydrating and light. To me, it's so convienent to simply swipe on a coat wherever I am without needing a mirror.

A few of my favorites include:

1. Glossier lip balm: I got the birthday cake flavor because anything cake scented/flavored is my favorite. This one in particular, has a lasting sweet scent as well as wear on the lips. I love Glossier because all of their products aim for a more natural/effortless look. This balm is hydrating and is a quick fix for chapped lips in the summer!

2. Glossier lipgloss: This is truly the ultimate gloss. It has a beautiful, clear shine, but without that sticky, tacky feeling. Glossier even included Vitamin E to ensure that our lips stay soft and hydrated!

3. Nars lip laquer: This is the limited edition shade is orgasm. I chose this one because it is a stunning peachy shade with little golden shimmers. It exudes everything that a summer lipgloss should be. It is packed with a new high-octane shine, as well as ultra-saturated color. This one also includes a nice dose of Vitamin E.

4. Dior lip glow: This hydrating lip balm gives off a nice sheer wash of color. As the name states, it looks very natural, as if the lips have a subtle glow. I got the original glow finish in the pink shade. This product is very versatile as it can worn alone as a balm, or it can be layered with another lipstick/gloss over top.

If you're a lipgloss junkie like me, I hope these help! Keep those smackers hydrated.

-XO allie

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