Fall Bucket List

Fall is the perfect time to partake in fun activities and to enjoy little adventures. The weather isn’t too hot so it is great to get outside before the cold winter hits. It is also as if this particular season bursts with so much natural and colorful beauty. Anyway, let’s get to it- my favorite things to do in the fall!  

1. Go to a sunflower field/festival- I went to a sunflower festival this year and it was so beautiful!! It felt like I was walking through the Wizard of Oz with all of the sunflowers towering over me. We drove to the Coshocton festival in Ohio. There were over three acres full of nine different types of sunflowers! Tip: This is an event to plan for early in the season. Sunflower festivals are usually held in September! 

2. Go for a Sunday drive- But, not just any drive, go explore the outdoors and/or drive up to a local state park. The one that I love here in West  Virginia is Cooper’s Rock, and man the leaves are absolutely gorgeous. West Virginia is breathtaking during the autumn months. 

3. Go a local farm/pumpkin patch- My favorite farm to go to in the fall is called Triple B Farms . It is located in Monongahela, PA! It has apple picking and a pumpkin patch all in one! I thoroughly enjoy both so it is worth the trip. It is full of different activities for kids, a hayride, a corn maze, a quaint country shop, and much more!! Jared and I always drive up together and we pick out a few pumpkins (I’m a sucker for the tiny ones as well). We also fill up a bushel with as many apples as we can fit! As you can tell, he’s my personal photographer on these trips. :D

4. Bake an apple pie- Now that we have accumulated an excessive amount of apples, we obviously have to bake a nice warm pie! 

5. Make cappuccinos and hot chocolate- Due to being a retired professional Starbucks barista... :p I can’t get enough of making my own beverages at home. I have an espresso machine and a grinder that Jared got me for Christmas last year. I love it so much!! A warm drink in hand, instantly enhances my mood. 

6.Indulge in delicious fall scents & decorations- Whether it’s a Bath & Body Works haul or a walk down the Walmart candle isle, you can never go wrong with picking out a few seasonal scents. This is the time of year when I love to make sure my home feels nice and cozy. While I love the outdoors, there is nothing like curling up on the couch with a warm blanket, fuzzy slippers, and a spicy candle wafting through the living room. 

7. Make apple cider- One of my family’s traditions is to make apple cider "wassle" on Halloween while we pass out candy. However, we continue to make it throughout the full season. It’s a very simple recipe and I am excited to share it with you! 

All you need is to boil equal parts apple cider and cranberry juice (I get the large jugs so that it will make enough for all) and then add in some whole cinnamon coves and cinnamon sticks! When it is ready, make sure to strain out the cloves and cinnamon sticks. That’s it! Go to the store now and try it out for yourself! :) 

8. Make homemade apple butter- Now this is a brand new experience for me! I had never tried this before, but Jared’s family’s tradition is to make homemade apple butter. It is an all day event, but boy the end result is worth it. We used  massive kettles to stir the apples and sugar all day long!

9. Go to football games- Tailgating and football, what’s not to love? I always have to cheer on my mountaineers!

This concludes my fall favorites list. I hope that you get the chance to enjoy some of these things for yourself if you haven’t already done so!

XO -allie

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