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This one's for all of my fellow Gossip Girl fans! I thought that it would be fun to raid my closet and recreate some of the outfits from Upper East Side's fashion icon, Blaire Waldorf. I am also providing some tips and tricks along the way to achieve a classic and timeless wardrobe, as well as how to incorporate a touch of Blaire. I also wanted to make my outfits appropriate for everyday wear. Check out the Waldorf approved outfits below!

Outfit Number One

First up, is the iconic school girl outfit. Blair and the Gossip Girl gang attended Constance where there was a mandatory uniform. But, of course, the girls knew how to add their own flare. I chose a classic blouse that has a collar and bow at the neckline. (I actually wear this to work a lot with a pair of black pants) Next, no uniform is complete without a pleated skirt and knee high stockings! 

Outfit Number Two

For outfit number two, I wanted to honor Blair's sense of color. While she embodies all that is classic fashion, she also loves to incorporate bright hues (often in coats). BUT, let's not forget her most iconic statement piece... her trusty headband. Blair LOVED headbands. So, I chose to opt for a more modern twist on her staple, and went for a beaded headband to match my coat. (This headband style is actually very on trend right now)

Outfit Number Three

 The next outfit is inspired by Blair's abundance of bold, chic coats. One that stood out to me is her black-and-white checked jacket that she paired with power-clashing shoes. I added the red dress for a pop of color and of course a pair of tights.

Outfit Number Four

 Last but not least, we have made it to outfit four. Blair is the Queen of patterned tights. I have a few pairs that I love to wear with all-black outfits, which is one reason why I think our styles are similar. Blair loves to mix prints and she even mixed lace patterns with this outfit. She wore a black lace dress with a pair of fun tights. 

To conclude, I wanted to recap on how to channel classic outfits. Incorporating pieces like A-line dresses, collared tops, pencil skirts, preppy flats, neutral heels and tights are a great place to start. Plus, since the weather is on the brink of cold again, purchasing a blush or neutral peacoat is a great way to ease in instead of pursuing Blair's green one. When building your wardrobe to be tailored toward timeless styles, it's a good idea to start at the root with basic pieces. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it provided a little bit of inspiration for you!

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