Hair Accessories 101 | Spring

Hi friends, welcome back! With spring right around the corner, I just wanted to share some accessories that I am currently loving! Hair pieces are on trend and I am all about it. I love to pull my looks together by simply adding a scrunchie, giant barrette, or scarf to my hair! They look so effortless, yet chic and feminine. So grab a snack, hydrate, and shop with me!!

1. Scrunchies: Ya'll know your girl always has a scrunchie. Whether it's in my hair, on my wrist, in my bag, or in a jar on my vanity... I'm prepared. They are the perfect way to quickly pull up your hair and keep it out of your face. Scroll through to see the links to a few of my favorite styles down below!

2. Hair Scarves: I own a couple of hair scarves and I think that they are so classic. I even wrote a blog post about them last summer and how to style them! - Scarf Styling 101

3. Hair barrettes/clips: I used to wear hair clips ALL THE TIME. Whether I use them to top off a braid or to pull back a section of hair, I love them. I have linked below a few that I think are super cute and trendy!

4. Invisibobble: These hair ties are so great! They don't have that catch that regular hair ties have which can really damage and break your hair. Also, you know when you pull your back and notice those dreaded dents and kinks after you take your down?

Well, say goodbye them with these cuties! Fun fact: the founder of invisibobble created these after she tied her hair back with an old phone cord at a dress party. She loved the effect, and we are too!

P.S. How neat are the color changing bobbles I've linked below? I love them!!

5. Hats: Hats are kind of a hair accessory, right? I love throwing on a good hat, especially during spring and summer. They help to keep your face protected from the sun and they can instantly make an outfit look effortlessly put together. I am linking some of my favorites below!

If you're a hair accessory kind of girl, I hope this post helped you find some new pieces to add to your collection. I usually have a mixture of price ranges for my posts, but always make sure to include affordable products. I am all about finding items that won't break the bank!

If you purchase any of these I would love to see!! <3

XO- allie

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