Formulate Giveaway

Welcome back!! I have some exciting news this week....

I have teamed up with Formulate to gift one of YOU, my lovely follower friends, your own custom shampoo and conditioner set ($59 value)!

Shampoo and conditioner, engineered to help you reach your personal.. "hair goals"!

The thing that sets Formulate apart is that they custom-formulate your shampoo and conditioner using research-backed ingredients. Everyone's hair type is different, so why not use products that are genuinely tailored to your needs?

Personal Hair Quiz

To acquire the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo for your hair type, you will be prompted to fill out a quick survey on their website! It will ask you questions about your hair color, length, texture, and even your city's environment. It then lets you choose your desired scent!! I chose "Tidal" which is a blend of sea, warm sand, and coconut. I've been dreaming of the beach so this one immediately caught my attention. I think my next one will be "freshly squeezed" for a refreshing tangerine and sweet orange mix! You can also select your desired level of scent strength and I chose strong, because I love when my hair smells yummy!

Mobile App

So, to maintain customer convenience, Formulate also has a mobile app! It keeps all of your formula info in one place for easy access! You can instantly re-order products as well as quickly change one of your settings for future orders. For example, I want to try a different scent next time. It lists the goals that you selected to achieve for your hair as well as includes all of the exact ingredients in your specific formula!

There are no secrets when it comes to Formulate, and the staff is always eager to help! I am loving my custom shampoo and conditioner and I think you will too!

Make sure you have entered my giveaway!!

Xo- Allie

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