Oats & Berries

June 30, 2018



For all of my oats lovers, this simple recipe is for you! To be completely honest, even though oats are typically viewed more traditionally as a breakfast meal, I sometimes even fix them as an afternoon snack. While oatmeal is pretty healthy, it's also super filling!


    I have found that I am a fan of the box of old fashioned, 100% whole grain oats. Personally, I do not prefer oatmeal that is super mushy. To get my ideal texture, I pour one cup of water into a small saucepan and a half cup of oats directly after. Here and there I'll mix it around, but the process generally takes about five minutes to finish. Then, I place the oatmeal at the bottom of a bowl and garnish with berries and almond or peanut butter for taste! 


     This recipe really could not be any easier, and it's the perfect addition for your daily health routine. :)


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