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     I hope ya'll are having a great week and welcome back to my blog! I thought that I would try something different and provide some dupe inspiration for high-end products! If you are anything like me, you don't enjoy breaking the bank in order to keep up with what's trending.

     Quick fashion 101 lesson: The true meaning behind the word "fashion" is what is popular, trending, and all of the "rage". Style, on the other hand, is a distinct appearance (AKA one's signature look). For example: while fads may come and go, my go-to style is classic and feminine. (I also like spunky pieces mixed in that make me feel happy)

     Fashion will forever be consistently evolving. Bloggers, influencers, fashion magazines, etc. are ever-changing what is currently viewed as "in".  Due to the fashion cycle, I am always looking for ways to experiment with adding new twists to my style. Thus, I enjoy doing so without committing to splurging; unless it is something that I truly believe I will always love. 

     While some of the pieces that I will be listing below are timeless, I thought that I would share some of my favorite dupes!

      (P.S. I put "***" symbols in front of the dupes that are my absolute top favorites and/or are ones that I currently own!)

***1. Gold bangle: This bracelet is a great dupe for the popular Cartier "love bracelet". It has a very similar design and retails at $38.99 when the Cartier bangles run for thousands of dollars (prices vary depending on color, design, etc.). At this point in my life, I can't even imagine spending one fifth of that on a bracelet. 

Shop: Gold Bangle

***2. Interlocking buckle bracelet: I found a great dupe for the signature Hermes bracelet. This one is the same size and looks almost identical! 

Shop: Buckle Bangle

***3. Cable Wire Bracelets: Yes, another set of bracelets. However, these two can pass as dupes for the luxury jewelry designer, David Yurman. I adore both of these because they look so classic.

Shop: Cable Wire Bangle

Twisted Cable Wire Link Bracelet

***4. Leather Crossbody Bag: Ahh, the infamous Chloe bag that has taken over Instagram. While I can't justify spending over $2,000 on a bag when I like to change up my looks so much, I CAN see a reason to invest in this authentic leather dupe. It is a fraction of the price and opens up to reveal little divided compartments on the inside. Perfect for those of you that like to keep your belongings organized liked me! 

Shop: Leather Crossbody Bag

***5. Circular Ring Handbag: Coming at ya with a second Chloe bag dupe. But, this one is just as fantastic as the first. I love the large gold ring and matching hardware on this bag!

Shop: Circular Ring Handbag

6. Leather Large Top Handbag: Another handbag that has taken the internet by storm is the Celine luggage bag. This dupe matches the Celine bag's unique shape and size. However, if you look closely, there isn't a front zipper (not a deal breaker).

Shop: Leather Large Top Handbag

***7. Studded Slingback Leather Pumps: If you have been drooling over the Valentino "Rockstud" heels but haven't wanted to give up the cash, then this dupe is for you! These heels are so cute and have the iconic studded detailing.

Shop: Studded Slingback Leather Pumps

***8. Rockstud Thong Sandals: Another Valentino shoe dupe that I found is for the studded jelly sandals!

Shop: Rockstud Thong Sandals

9. Leopard Mules: Mules and loafers have really made a comeback. I am all for it because I have been strutting this shoe style to work since last year! They are easy to slip on, are generally pretty comfy, and look very appropriate in professional settings. Since leopard patterns are also on trend right now, here is a very affordable pair of mules that resemble the Steve Madden and Sam Eldelman brands.

Shop: Leopard Mules

10. Bee Crossbody Bag: Gucci released various bags with butterfly and/or bumblebee emblems on them. While browsing Amazon, I came across a dupe for those of you that have been interested in this look! 

Shop: Bee Crossbody Bag

***11. Gold Knot Bracelet: Kate Spade sells a beautiful gold bracelet with a knot in the center. I actually ordered one for my mom when I was her maid of honor last year, and I gave it to her on her wedding day. Not only does she like the look of it, but she also enjoys wearing it for sentimental purposes. Since it runs on the pricey side, I found a similar one for much cheaper.

Shop: Gold Knot Bracelet

12. Confetti Cushion Cut Stud Earrings: A staple for Kate Spade's jewelry selection is the cushion cut earring studs. These are available in various colors; with glitter included of course! While there is only about a $15 price difference... $15 dollars is still $15. ;)

Shop: Confetti Stud Earrings

I hope that this post has provided you with some budget-friendly inspiration! I would love to hear your feedback on which dupes are your favorites.

Happy Shopping!

XO- allie

(Collage made from photos pulled from Amazon)

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