DIY Coffee Cart

Coffee bar carts. Not your ordinary bar cart, but debatably better. I have wanted one for some time now, but didn’t want to drop the money to purchase one. However, my grandparents had an old, red laundry cart and Jared and I had the great idea to renovate it!

First, we washed it down, polished it, and sanded it down. Next, we went to Lowe’s to grab a slab of wood that we cut to match the shape of the top shelf. We stained the wood a beautiful dark brown shade and sprayed the shelves a light cream color. Once all of the parts had an ample amount of time to dry overnight, we screwed the shelves back in and gently placed the wood slab on top.

Finally, came the fun part. Jared and I went on a décor hunt to find the various odds and ends that we were searching for. We went to Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Target and left with a metal basket, multiple jars, etc. We got a white ceramic stand to place the flavored syrups on and a wooden table top spinner to easily access all of the unique mugs. Our goal was to create levels in order to acquire more shelving space. Also, we got a skinny glass jar to place straws in, a clear glass jar with a copper lid for marshmallows, and two tall textured clear glass jars to store coffee beans. That’s a lot of jars.

All in all it was a fun project and I love the fact that the cart is genuinely vintage.

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