Everything you need to know about succulents

During a weekly trip to Lowe's (coincidently on Earth Day) Jared and I were on the hunt for the perfect plant for one of our empty pots. But of course after we scoped out the entire selection, we left the store with not only a large plant to fill the lonely pot, but also SIX succulents, several pots, a jar of rocks and potting soil.

Succulents have taken over as the infamous house pet...plant. They are very low-maintenance and survive indoors with minimal effort. Succulents only need to be watered on a weekly basis; but make sure it is done thoroughly. Thus, we don't have to be born with a green thumb, but we can still welcome their charm and quirky statures into our homes.

Cacti and succulents are unique from other plants because of their ability to survive drought and harsh climates. Any plant with thick, fleshy tissue, is adapted to storing water.The latin word "succulent" actually means "juice" or "sap".

As if these house guests don't sound pleasant enough, there are actually many health benefits to hosting them!

-Succulents and cacti have healing agave, most commonly known plant is aloe

-They help you breathe easier (humans and plants co-exist and rely on one another)

-They are known to be a mood booster :)

-People have also claimed that they have noticed an increase in concentration

(Here is yet another excuse to have one on your desk)

Lastly, we move on to the process of planting your new house friends. These steps are imperative for increasing longevity.

-Step 1.) Grab your container or pot. we have used a glass terrarium in the past, but we used a ceramic pot this time.

-Step 2.) Sprinkle in handfuls of pebbles and then follow up with potting soil. We packed the soil up around the edges of the pot and created a hole in the center.

-Step 3.) Take the succulent/cactus out of its original nursery pot and gently place it into the new pot/container. Pack the soil tight around the plant's base.

-Step 4.) Add unique stones, shells, etc. to really bring the creation to life. Place your little guy/girl in a location where it can truly flourish and happily live!

I hope this post has helped provide inspiration for some new decor for your home! I would love to see your own houseplants, so please feel free to share them! :)

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