Get Som Sleep

Tastes like sleep.

Dear sleep, I know we had our differences when I was younger, but I appreciate you now! :)

Raise your hand if you love SLEEP!? (I know I do) Thanks to Get Som Sleep, I feel rested and refreshed for the work week ahead! Last night I tried it for a second time and I was able to not only fall right to sleep, but to stay asleep! Check out this cute PR package that their company sent to me, nightgown and all.

**As seen on: Get Som Sleep has made an appearance on Sports Illustrated, Business Insider, People, Southern Living, Glamour, and much more!

This beverage has been created to optimize the body's natural sleep cycle and to promote relaxation. Also, I wouldn't partner with a business that produces unsafe products, so you can sleep easy knowing that these drinks are drug-free & non habit-forming. (See what I did there? ;p)

The original Som Sleep formula is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. It provides nutritional support for Biosynthesis with Magnesium and Vitamin B6

2. Helps promote relaxation with L-Theanine (naturally found in green tea) and GABA (produced naturally in the body)

3. Helps maintain a normal sleep cycle with Melatonin

BONUS: This drink comes in two varieties:

-The Original (which I personally prefer) comes to a grand total of only 40 calories!

-The Original Zero Sugar has a mere 10 calories total!

Pro Tip: Drink one can approximately thirty minutes before going to sleep! Best served chilled, so pop those suckers in the fridge upon delivery.

Visit to order your own pack! Also, feel free to check out their Instagram page at


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