A Few Of My Favorite Scents | Summer

I absolutely LOVE candles, regardless of the time year. I am THAT girl that will pick up every single candle in the store and smell them each with pride. While there is just something magical about curling up at home in the fall/winter with a rich, cozy candle, I still can't seem to let them go during the hot summer months. However, matching my mood, I tend to go for light and refreshing scents when the sunshine returns.

I have a giant basket FULL of various candles stored in the closet, and here are a few of my summertime favorites that made the list!

1. The yellow candle in my photograph is "Sugarcane Pineapple" curtesy of Bath & Body Works. Obviously pineapples are a popular summer fruit, so what more could you ask for? I checked online to see if they are still available for purchase, but sadly they are not. :( However, you really can't go wrong with "Pineapple Mango", "Pineapple Sunrise", etc.

2. Peach, peach, peach!!! Any of the peach scents from Bath & Body are DELICIOUS! This three wick named "Georgia Peach" smells so juicy and sweet.


3. Another Bath & Body Works candle?... Yes. "Watermelon Lemonade". I got this tiny little candle tin last year and am still obsessed. To me, it smells even better than it sounds. It's fruity and sweet, with a hint of tart. Perfection.


4. Last but not least is the blue marble candle from TJ Maxx. If you haven't tried T J Maxx's candle's, I suggest you get in your car and go now. They have a decent selection for very cheap, compared to the big candle brands out there. The one I have is called "Sand + Fog" and it suggests that is smells like ocean mist. I tend to think it does. It has warm notes of coconut and vanilla, which makes me want to enjoy a cozy rainy evening at the beach.

Another store that I enjoy browsing through the candle isle is Target. Target has really stepped up their candle game over the past few years and I love it. I hope these help you on your next journey to find a new candle!

-XO allie

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