Myrtle Beach- Friend's Weekend

The great thing about one of my friend group's is that the four of us always take advantage of an opportunity to travel! During July, I took off Thursday and Friday from work so that I could spend a long weekend at the beach with good friends!

We started our trip by checking into the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort. Along with the luxury of having various pools to choose from, it was also located beachside which was perfect. Not to mention, you are given a warm chocolate chip cookie upon arrival! You didn't hear this from me, but you can definitely go back for more throughout your stay.

One of the amazing restaurants that we went to that I highly recommend is called Bubba's Love Shak. This restaurant has the perfect atmosphere located along a mini boardwalk, and the menu has a great selection with something for everyone.

Although it rained the entire day on Friday, we took full advantage of the sun on Saturday and soaked it in the entire day down by the ocean.

***PLUS- I found a super cute light blue peacock floatie... AKA Fiona, that we took out on the ocean. It was all fun and games until the lifeguard reluctantly approached us and told us that Fiona was not allowed to float on the water. :(

Also, if you haven’t tried South Carolina peaches you DEFINITELY need to! Stop by a local producer and snatch up a juicy basket to munch on at the beach or even the car ride home.

Click to own one for yourself! --- Peacock Floatie

XO- allie

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