How to make your work space more fun

If you have an office job, chances are that you spend a good portion of your waking hours sitting at a desk. However, there is no reason that your desk has to be boring. So, here are a few ways to really make your second home more cozy and fun!

1. Picture frame- This one may seem typical, but really can make a world of a difference. A personal touch, such as family, friend and/or pet photos always make an environment feel more homey.

2. Phone charger- You never know what the day will entail, so always be prepared!

3. Notebook- This every day notebook from Urban is bright, and happy!

4. Desk pad- Having a desk pad adds a nice pop of color under your key board while keeping everything clean and orderly.

5. Mini vacuum- Keep the crumbs in check with this cute mini turtle vacuum!

6. Marble stapler- I have this stapler and it definitely makes working on projects more fun.

7. Wooden desktop storage- Having a happy workspace means keeping it ORGANIZED. Trust me, it will help relieve some of your stress as well as lift your mood.

8. Hanging file folder- This modern file holder will keep all your papers, magazines, etc. tucked away in a chic manner.

9.Kate Spade pens- Noe if you are REALLY wanting to step up your office style, then why splurge on these trendy polka dot pens?

10. Colored Paper Mate pens- - If you are like me and you enjoy color coordinating your entire life- then please do yourself a favor and check out these pens! They write very smoothly and keep your notes/planner looking super pretty.

11. Card holder- If you're a rose gold kinda girl, then this desktop personal card holder is sure to brighten your day. Amazon has tons of different office supplies styles so you really can't go wrong with any of them!

12. Marble mouse pad- No desk is complete without a mouse pad... plus this one is bright and multi-colored!

13. Kate Spade planner- I own this planner myself and I really love the larger size. It has plenty of space for writing and the floral pattern is really nice!

Happy organizing!

Xo- allie

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